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  • I agree to volunteer and fulfill my 3 six hour shift and pay the $89 deposit fee for Zen Awakening Festival.


Zen Awakening Festival volunteer and staff teams are the backbone of the festival and the driving force behind its success.  We are blessed to have so many amazing volunteers who give their time and passion to make Zen Awakening Festival a success. If you are interested in joining our team, please read all the information on this page carefully before proceeding to the application.

  • All Volunteers must completely fill out an Application
  • Volunteers must work a minimum of 18 hours (Three 6 hour shifts), if you cannot commit, then do not apply
  • Volunteers who complete their hours will receive hands on festival experience.

Volunteer Requirements

  • You must be 18 years or older to apply to Volunteer
  • Must have a positive, hard-working mentality
  • Must have appropriate dress/shoes (closed toe shoes) for the job you are assigned
  • Must be on time for every assigned shift (if not a little early)


Free Admittance to festival (upon completion of scheduled shifts, your deposit is returned).

Arrive early and watch the festival come to life.

Great location for Volunteer Staff Camping – see “Camping” below.

One meal per 6 hr working shift, two meals per 12 hr working shift.

Great Memories to last a lifetime!

On the job experience


All volunteers are required to purchase their ticket as a deposit along with their application form. Upon completion of the required number of hours, we refund the full purchase price of the ticket. Be sure you have signed in and out for all of your shifts with your Supervisor! Once you complete all of your shifts you must go to the Volunteer Tent to sign off on your hours so we can return your deposit accordingly. Deposits will be refunded post-festival. Incomplete information will cause delays in your deposit being returned. If you are not eligible for a position, we will refund the total amount back to your account within 10 days of applying. IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING CANCELLATIONS: We hope this won’t apply but if you do have to cancel PLEASE email ZAF at volunteers.zenawakening@gmail.com as soon as you can. The more notice you can give us, the better. We appreciate your consideration, since we’ll need to find someone else to take your place. Any cancellations made after November 10th are not eligible for a deposit refund, except in extenuating circumstances, and at the discretion of ZAF. For those that cancel after this date, deposits are kept to cover administrative costs associated with last minute changes to hiring and scheduling.


Our volunteers are our most valuable resource, we understand the need for comfortable camp spots and quiet space! Our staff camping area is quite, shaded and equipped with bathrooms.  Only volunteers will be allowed in this area and security will be checking wristbands. There are designated parking spots for volunteer vehicles. 


It is imperative that you arrive to your shift well rested, on time, and sober.  You must be prepared for the work situation and the weather, wearing any personal protective equipment that is assigned to you. You are responsible for maintaining enough rest, food and water to complete all of your shifts.  You must work in a safe manner and abide by all work safe regulations.  Attendance of a safety orientation during your intake at the volunteer tent is required at the beginning of each shift. ZAF Music Festival is a 24 hour festival, therefore day and night shifts will be available.


Pack camp friendly food! Make sure you eat regularly, especially before the start of a shift. Arrive to work fed and caffeinated. It is very important to leave a positive impression on everyone we interact with throughout the festival and keeping yourself fueled helps! Remember: THERE IS NO POWER for refrigerators or hot-plates and campfires are banned (propane stoves at campsites are OK).


Whether it’s the scorching heat of mid-day or the to-the-bone chilliness at night and the wee hours of the morning, temperatures are known to wildly fluctuate and changes in weather can happen quickly. Pack for all types of outdoor conditions including warm water-proof shoes, winter clothing, extra socks, sunscreen, rain gear and a good hat for sun or rain. Comfort is the key to staying happy and healthy on the farm. IMPORTANT NOTES – All volunteers must wear closed toe shoes at all times while on shift. All pre-show staff must wear closed toe shoes whether on shift or not as the ZAF is a worksite. Dress in layers. The start of your shift might be much hotter or colder than the end of your shift. For more info on what to pack, check out ZAF Festival Essentials.

We aim to create shift schedules which are fair, fun, and provide enough time off during the festival for you to get out there and connect, enjoy yourself, participate in workshops, co-create, revel in the creative arts and do some dancing! For this reason we have established the following guidelines when creating our volunteer program. ZAF runs 24hrs a day and volunteer shifts are broken down into morning, afternoon and overnight for shifts 6 hours in length.


All positions scheduled Monday November 13th to Thursday November 16th are considered “Preshow” positions. All ZAF work takes place on Zen Fields (festival site).


All positions scheduled Friday November 17th to Sunday November 19th are considered “LIVE SHOW”


All positions scheduled Monday November 20th to November 23rd are considered “Post-show” positions.

Most teams require a 18-hour time commitment of 3 x 6 hour shifts.

Medical Services, Harm Reduction, Fire and Parking crews have a 18 hour time commitment.

We stagger shifts so that volunteer festival experience is enjoyed at different times of the days throughout the festival weekend.

Most shifts are as follows: Early Morning – 2 am to 8 am / Morning 8 am to 2 pm/ Afternoon – 2 pm to 8 pm, and Overnight – 8 pm to 2 am

Orientation and Training

All volunteers are required to attend our group orientation session on Thursday, November 16th, 2023 at 9:00 am in the volunteer tent. All volunteers will be notified by email regarding specific training times.

Arrival Time for Orientation and Training

Please arrive onsite before 5 pm to give yourself ample time for check in

Department List

Discover all the ways our volunteers serve our Zen Awakening Festival community! If you are interested in becoming a ZAF Volunteer, be sure to review each one before you complete the application.

Artist Liaison

Volunteers will work closely with our ZAF ARTS Program and Production Teams to connect the ZAF experience to the performers, press, media, and artists. Qualified applicants will have previous production, art gallery, or relevant experience in music, theater, and the arts. References will be required.

Box Office

Volunteers greet all ZAF attendees and assist them with the check in and credentialing process for proper and efficient entry. Volunteers will be asked to welcome attendees to the ZAF, direct traffic into the Box Office, handle ticket purchases and will call, check in volunteers, RV Pass Holders, Car Pass Holders, and Group Camping. Previous cash handling and customer service experience required. References will be required.

Camp Placement

Volunteers will continue the welcoming process and help direct attendees, manage and oversee the various areas of the campgrounds such as General Camping, Walk-in Camping, Car Camping, Group Camping and RV only park. Camp Placement support will assist all attendees in finding their “home” for the weekend to ensure all ZAF guest have a great time.

Community Oracles

Volunteers support the health and happiness of our ZAF attendees by assisting in all ways that a good friend would. Keeping everyone safe and informed by creating a caring community for our participants is their number one goal. Community Outreach will run a concierge booth in the Festival Services Hub in addition to acting as a mobile information unit, answering questions and supporting our Information Faeries, ZAF guests and wherever help is needed! These supportive oracles are carriers of fun and informed messages while simultaneously acting as the ZAF eyes, ears, and information transmitters to the entire community. To apply you must have a fun attitude and previous volunteer experience with The ZAF, Community Outreach, or be closely familiar with the Florida area.

Event Breakdown

Volunteers will work with ZAF production, operation, and green teams during this extensive tear down and storage of our entire event. Previous experience working breakdown is essential. The ZAF goal is to leave the venue in excellent condition, preferably better than when we arrived. Breakdown volunteers will need to be available on the Monday following the festival.

Green Team

Volunteers will work with our Environment Sustainability Director to ensure that we exceed the standard Leave No Trace expectations to have a Positive Impact Festival at Zen Awakening. Our green team works to keep the ZAF beautiful and sustainable, while striving to look for innovative ways to green our event. Duties will include waste collection, transporting and sorting while informing the ZAF community about the recycling and waste systems. Green team volunteers will be scheduled to work during and in some cases after the event based upon availability. As advocates for greening the event, you encourage the ZAF participants to “Pack it Out!” and “Leave it Better.” The ZAF goes beyond the practices of Leave No Trace by actively practicing the 6 R’s: Respect, Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recycle, Restore!


Volunteers will assist in maintaining various areas such as Commissary, Staff Food Delivery, ZAF Concessions and VIP tents as needed. Essentially a runner for the ZAF Hospitality Director, flexibility and mobility is key. Expect to be engaged in a number of duties which may include some heavy lifting.

Parking and Traffic

Volunteers work with parking management to keep traffic flowing and direct ZAF attendees to the appropriate parking and camping areas ensuring safe and secure placement of all vehicles. Essential to the ZAF experience, all parking volunteers are hosts, greeters, guides, and set the tone for the attendees once they arrive on the festival site. Enthusiastic and friendly volunteers should apply!

Street Team

Plug in and share the latest happenings that Zen Awakening Festival has to offer with your community. Get the inside scoop on everything ZAF including upcoming programming, village installations, art and workshops. Work in exchange for a ticket, or out of the goodness of your vibe – you decide! The ZAF Street Team is developing a year round program! Email us for more information.

Media Team

Plug in and share the latest happenings that Zen Awakening Festival has to offer with your community. Get the inside scoop on everything ZAF including upcoming programming, village installations, art and workshops. Work in exchange for a ticket, or out of the goodness of your vibe – you decide! The ZAF Media Team is developing a year round program! Email us for more information.