Sacred Fire & Drummcircle

Gather with us around the fire…Opening Ritual and Fire Lighting Ceremony Friday night. At this time we will light the Sacred Fire as we sing dance chant and drum to open the circle and create sacred space for all. We keep the embers red, rain or shine, night and day ALL are welcome! Once the fire is ignited we drum and dance around it all night long until sunrise. Bring your drum, chairs or blankets to sit on. You may dance, you may chant, you may celebrate or rest and dream to the organic sounds of the shamanic rhythms of the drums.

Saturday will be a day of learning about Sacred Ceremonies. We will have two workshops teaching a Sacred Ceremony for Saturday evening. If you come to one or both of these workshops you will have the opportunity to be a part of Saturday night’s Sacred Ceremony around the fire! Then…we will drum and play and celebrate again throughout the night…

Sunday we wind down with a drum meditation workshop…as we prepare for Sunday evenings effigy burn 🔥

There will also be a fire dancing and cyr wheel stage for anyone who wants to spin fire. You will need to come to one of our fire safety meetings and receive a wrist band in order to spin.