Psychedelic Monks

pysdThe Psychedelic Monks are a four piece Florida funk band with a jammed out psychedelic approach. Pulling influences from funk, jazz, prog, latin, reggae and all types jam bands, The Psychedelic Monks have been known to throw full on dance parties while taking their audience on a journey through the cosmos.

      Focusing mainly on performing live, The Monks have racked up many miles playing shows all over Florida and parts of Georgia while also playing Florida festivals like Orange Blossom Jamboree, Lil Econ Love Fest, Mindspring Music Festival, and Bamboo Jamboo.

      The core members of The Psychedelic Monks are made up of Max Bressan on bass and vocals, Evan Ahlswede on guitar and vocals, Evan “EC” Clancy on drums and vocals, and Eric “Jahmin Shamin” Keleharakawa on guitar and vocals, but they are frequently joined by Johnny Bongo on percussion and Lucas Shinn on alto saxophone, as well as many other guest musicians