Art has the ability to uplift, inspire, invigorate, unify, and galvanize individuals and communities, art plays an integral and universal role in the enhancement and expression of our human experience. While art is traditionally confined to galleries, Zen Awakening Festival Artmosphere curated by Jacob Hill will be exhibiting works that will be inspired and created at the festival – transforming into incredible paintings over the course of the festival. This year everyone will have the opportunity to participate in creating art in the Artmosphere an interactive playground of color with lots of paint brushes and canvas to make your own work of art. Scattered throughout the festival grounds will be many live painters, art installations and visionary artist, at the stages showcasing and creating their amazing works of art.


“Ashley is a painter embodying the essence of the Divine Feminine through her mystical, earthly works. She calls in the lightness of Spirit to bring forward the truth of our hearts, and dives deep into the mystery of feeling, creating art that evokes a deep sense of self and belonging to the entire Universe.


Part of the Zen Fest West Artmosphere this year Nate Hogan will be creating a beautiful Art Installation.
Upon receiving the name in 2003 during a powerful 10-day meditation, Hogen began a rigorous shamanic journey of self-discovery, awakening, healing, and personal artistic evolution.
In 2006, he received a vision to facilitate sacred space, and set a clear course forward as an artist. Now consistently in demand, his work has propelled him all over the world to build natural art installation sanctuaries that facilitate the perception of a dream reality, manifesting heaven on earth and bringing communities together.