Alyona Motkina


About Alyona Motkina


Alyona is a Transformational Life Coach, Spiritual Guide, Healer, Yogi and a Sacred Ceremony facilitator, whose mission is to remind people of the Light within and inspire self-development through the practice of self-love and conscious living practices.

Her passion is to assist humanity in re-connecting to their Divine roots and discovering their truth and their purpose. Aly leads workshops and hosts sacred ceremonies, creating portals in which healing and transformation takes place. She helps people tap into the greater power of their consciousness through intention, awareness, yoga, rituals and mindful living. She embraces her divinity and teaches the ancient knowledge of the Feminine Divine wisdom in her Sacred Goddess Circles. Her work is about discovering yourself through the journey of awakening the connection between your mind, body and Spirit and unlocking your infinite creative potential to manifest the life you desire!




DATE: 11-17-18 
TIME: 2:00 PM
VENUE: Healing Sanctuary 

In this interactive workshop, we will look into the details of the ancient Chakra system and how it affects not only our physical but also our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

In this workshop you will learn:
❖ What is energy body and how it affects your physical form
❖ What are Chakras and what is their purpose
❖ Where they are located and how they affect your wellbeing
❖ Emotional, mental and physical effects of the unhealthy Chakra system
❖ What are the 7 major Chakra points
❖ We will look into each individual Chakra and learn about its properties
❖ What can you do to recognize which Chakra is out of balance
❖ Ways you can heal and bring yourself into an energetic alignment
❖ You will learn about the power of intention and tools for Chakra wellness

The workshop will close with a powerful Chakra activation, clearing and healing meditation.



DATE: 11-18-18 
TIME: 1:00 PM
VENUE: Healing Sanctuary  

This nurturing and healing circle is for women of all ages and backgrounds.
It is time to remember the power we hold within our bodies and our sacred womb space.
In this circle we will connect back to the Divine Mother, Divine Feminine Goddess energy that is awakening this planet at this time. We will see how she is present through out the world and is leading us through ascension. We will share stories and connecting heart-to-heart with our Sisterhood.

This workshop will inspire and empower you to embrace all of who you are as a woman, as a Divine Being! This is a sacred space during which you have time to open up and share your story as we all will hold space for one another to go through internal healing and transformation process!