Spellbinding Sherry is a soul worker and a professional in the esoteric arts.  Sherry helps clients identify areas of greatest importance to their soul’s current journey, guiding them to empowerment via blatant exposure through tarot, henna and natal charts.  Sherry puts a specific focus on active techniques used for release, manifestation, and dedication.
Sherry prides herself on serving as a vessel of understanding between those folks whom are otherwise non-verbal or bewildered and for the dead, the latter of which is some of her favorite work. 



Sherry’s favorite vocational niche of esoterics is her work with the dead (and others who are not verbal). Sherry will share stories, mostly about her work with the dead, which lend humor, comfort, respect and clarity, with a splash of hope and lots of love. This workshop is especially recommended for those who fear death! Bring a chair or blanket on which to relax for this provocative workshop.