How to make the Most of your Zen Awakening Festival Experience



Come prepared to make others feel bliss and leave all worry and judgement at the door. Bring amazing gifts to share, bring an open heart and an open mind to receive, resonate and radiate your highest frequencies of love and light, have no expectations, be open to spontaneous eruptions of joy, treat everyone you meet like a long-lost friend now rediscovered. Get high on love, bliss, pleasure, laughter and consciousness,

Connect with people outside your age group, dance with different people every day, plan on contributing to the Art Scene, build something that will make other people proud to be human, Let the Musicians and Teachers know how much you appreciate them, smile, wave and hug lots of people heart-to-heart. Be a healer, allow others to heal you, make everyone feel loved, welcomed and appreciated in your presence, get with others and perform spontaneous ritual and ceremony, create sacred space wherever you are.