Conscious Kids Camp

12246929_928322807246509_5291910924985744926_nThe Conscious Kids Camp offers activities for kids 14 and under designed to teach them how to love, trust, respect & connect with themselves, their peers and the earth through unique workshops that includes: team building, flow arts, sustainability, permaculture, drumming, native flute, meditation, yoga and art. Kids will learn how to reach for their dreams and ignite their hearts to become leaders in their communities through self-love, health, wellness and nutrition.



Calm Kids Yoga

Our kids today have almost as much stress in their lives as we do, and like us it is important for them to learn how to manage their stress. At Calm Kids Yoga they will get the chance to release their mental and emotional tension, but most importantly they will learn how to find their inner calm. Knowing how to calm themselves naturally will provide them the opportunity to navigate through life’s challenges with a little more ease. Your children will learn these methods and more all while having FUN! At Calm Kids Yoga our goal is to offer kids a place to learn about themselves in a non-competitive, nurturing environment. Here, it is all about the KIDS! We offer In-Studio classes near Downtown Orlando and In-School classes in Orange County. We also offer Yoga Summer Camp, Meditation for Kids, Mommy & Me Yoga, Kids Night Out, Family Yoga & Mediation, Yoga Birthday Parties and Beginner Yoga for Parents!

Kids Yoga– This fun and creative approach to yoga is filled with interactive games and songs using basic stretching exercises and animated poses. Storytelling with positive messages are also included. This class provides a fun filled way to cultivate body awareness and will teach your little yogi the basics of yoga.

Meditation for Kids– Does your child suffer from anxiety? Does he/she need to learn ways to calm themselves NATURALLY? The diagnosis of anxiety in children is on the rise and it seems to be a global problem. Statistics show that 1 in every 10 children will experience intense anxiety at some point during their childhoods. So what can we do to help our children? Teach them how to MEDITATE!  Meditation is a process that teaches your child(ren) to control their thoughts and focus their minds. This simple practice can give children the tools to explore his/her inner world with all of their senses, helping to create a better balance of mind and body while increasing their creativity and focus. (Ages 5 to 12) 

Family Yoga and Meditation– This is a wonderful way to strengthen the family bond. We’ll do some yoga poses and meditate! As parents we teach our children to care for their physical well-being, but we aren’t quite as clear when it comes to teaching them how to maintain their mental health. Come to Calm Kids Yoga’s Family Yoga & Meditation Class to find your happiness as a family, by slowing down and learning to find that peacful place inside….together! (Ages 8 and up)


Come view the world through a new set of eyes! Join John Springer on a walk along our hiking trails. See faces in the trees, spinning/waving leaves, fairy thrones/castles, eyes of Merlin, gnomes and other magical and mystical creatures and characters. For All Ages.

This program is designed to instill Earth Awareness and Nature Appreciation in everyone by getting people to see and feel their connection to the natural world. To be able to communicate with the trees, butterflies, dragonflies, the wind, the rain, the flowers and other creations with honor and respect. To have people become One with Nature rather than just walking through the woods and not see the beauty and purpose of all of Creation. To remind people to their role as Stewards of the Earth and to take better care of their home planet. It is the only home that we have!

The Enchanted Walkabout is a walking tour with John Springer as your guide introducing you to the spirits of the garden, the tree people and to the elementals of air, water and earth! Visit with the enchanted trees, the dragons and the many faces of nature. See the dancing energies as you journey the many trails and paths. Feel the joy and energy of the faerie realm. Smell the hidden fragrances and the voices of the unseen realms. Capture orbs, wands and unexplained light as we explore the many realms of God. This program will assist you in seeing and feeling the world through a new set of eyes and heart. Awaken and become one with your world.

Let me share in greater detail about the Enchanted Walkabouts. This type of programming provides an opportunity for people (adults mostly and children) to see the world thru a new set of eyes. During the Walkabout, we encounter faces in the trees, spinning/waving leaves, fairy thrones, eyes of Merlin, dragons, gnomes, and other magical and mystical creatures and characters. Everyone is amazingly changed after experiencing an Enchanted Walkabout.

This type of programming has been my mode of awakening people to their connection to the earth and start appreciating it rather than taking the world for granted. So much creativity and imagination has been lost and has been taken over by computers and other devices. Have you ever read the book, “Last Child in the Woods” by Richard Louv? Children are thrilled to find adults that see the world in a magical way and celebrate the joys of wonder.


Dreamcatchers– What are some things you dream about? What do our dreams mean?
Katy Star will explain how dreamcatchers work and we will construct our own dreamcatchers using objects from nature combined with objects chosen from the “Sparkle Box”.

Nature Art Boards– Many things in nature have more than one purpose. Water could be for drinking or swimming. What can you name in nature that serves more than one purpose?
We will take a short nature walk and collect organic materials and other found objects from the grounds. We will discuss our objects, how they differ, color, name, and use or purpose.
We will then construct an art piece on cardboard or free standing using our found materials and give them new purpose as art.

Faerie Cottage– What are faeries and how can we attract them?
Using upcycled boxes, we will create homes for our faerie friends. We will glue on objects found in nature and add adornments from the “sparkle box” to draw the faeries to our newly constructed homes


Mystical Creatures

Origami Workshop

* Please also see Drum-Making and Planters and Planting below


Intro to Permaculture

Planters and Planting

When do you need to be patient with the earth? What is your favorite time of year and why? Diane will discuss patience. Then we will construct planters from upcycled material, add dirt, and plant our seeds.

Rice Balls
What are some things we do to stay healthy. Diane will discuss healthy eating habits, we will prepare rice balls filled with fruits and vegetables, and make a dipping sauce



Can you name some things in nature that make music? What is a beat? Diane will discuss music, beats, and rhythm,
We will construct our drums using upcycled containers of varying sizes and decorating them.
We will have an impromptu drum circle when they are complete




Animal improv
Ages 2-8
It is very important to laugh and be silly. In this workshop we will get silly and pretend to be different animals and characters in a fantasy world described by the Narrator

Improve games
Ages 8 and up
In this workshop we will exercise our creative side and think fast. We will learn and play improv games such as Taxi, Freeze, Oracle, Alphabet Improv, and Evil Twin

Acting I
Ages 12 and up
In this workshop we will create, rehearse, and act out a scene unique to Zen Awakenings Fest. Directed by Kyle