Chief Black Fox Returns to Zen Awakening Festival 2018

We are honored to have Chief Black Fox returning to Zen Awakening Festival for his 2nd Year in a row to lead us in Native American ceremony and songs. Delbert Pomani also known as and “Chief Black Fox” is from the Crow Creek Agency in Fort Thompson, South Dakota. His mother was from Standing Rock,


THE 10 THINGS YOU MUST HAVE WITH YOU AT ZEN AWAKENING FESTIVAL 1. With over 700 acres of beautiful nature to explore a mountain bike will make your travels a breeze 2. With our popular 26 foot water slide make sure to bring your  towel and swim suite. 3. Drums for our sacred drum circle from

Transforming Festival Culture into a Global Village

  Transforming Festival Culture into a Global Village By Jacob Devaney on Thursday July 30th, 2015 Have you ever left a weekend festival, or summer travel and dreaded going home to your usual routine? Those days are over! Thanks to an emerging movement, we now have some incredible interactive tools to help us take the inspiration home

Workshops at Zen

  We have over 200 workshops at Zen Awakening Festival this year from Aerial Yoga, Acro Yoga, Drumming, Slack Line, Flow Arts, Meditation, Chanting, Earth Skills, Sustainability, Qi Gong, Art, Permaculture, Plant Medicine, Mastery Of Life, Spirituality, Holistic Living, Health and Wellness, Tiny Home Building, and much more. Checkout our website for schedule and times.

How to make the Most of your Zen Awakening Festival Experience

  Come prepared to make others feel bliss and leave all worry and judgement at the door. Bring amazing gifts to share, bring an open heart and an open mind to receive, resonate and radiate your highest frequencies of love and light, have no expectations, be open to spontaneous eruptions of joy, treat everyone you